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What’s Cooking (May 2023)

We will have a number of new books and ebooks coming out this summer. The highlight of this summer will be the two-volume biography of Gustav Herbert Schmidt, Songs in the Night. It tells the tale of a Pentecostal missionary who was captured by the Gestapo in 1940. His harrowing ordeal will tells us how to find hope in dark times.

Other titles in the works include more sermons by Louis Albert Banks, and a number of new biographies:

  • The Sinner and His Friends (Louis Albert Banks)
  • A Gentleman in Prison (Tokichi Ishii, with Caroline MacDonald)
  • Thinking Black: 22 Years in the Long Grass of Africa (Dan Crawford)
  • Back to the Long Grass: My Life with Livingstone (Dan Crawford)

From the Prescience Papers series of rare theological works, we have just released two new ebooks:

I hope to have several more coming soon:

  • Samuel Fancourt, An Essay Concerning Liberty, Grace, and Prescience (1729)
  • Samuel Fancourt, Apology, or Letter to a Friend Setting Forth the Occasion, &c., of the Present Controversy, 2nd ed. (7/27/1730)
  • (Anonymous), The Divine Prescience of Free Contingent Events, Vindicated and Proved (1729)
  • (Anonymous), Free Agency of Accountable Creatures (6/6/1733)

Please comment and let us know what books you are looking forward to most!

New Boreham Reprints

After numerous delays, several Boreham titles are returning to print this month (May 2022), and they will all be for sale for $15 (shipping included) on eBay soon. These include:

Also, there are a number of other titles forthcoming:

  • The Home of the Echoes
  • Rubble and Roseleaves
  • The Crystal Pointers
  • The Nest of Spears
  • The Fiery Crags
  • A Temple of Topaz
  • The Ivory Spires
  • The Passing of John Broadbanks
  • A Faggot of Torches

The proofreading is complete for all of these books, but the delays have to do with issues with Amazon’s publishing platform. I am in the process of shifting my main store from Amazon to eBay. Amazon is taking a larger cut, so you will see prices rising on Amazon, but most or all will be available on eBay for only $15 (shipping included).

Unfortunately, Amazon’s Content Review has become very unpredictable, so that I won’t be adding any new Kindle editions, and the new Borehams going up will be distributed by, not Amazon. It is too much of a liability to create a wonderful ebook without knowing if Amazon will reject it.

New Books—and What’s Next (January 2022)

What’s New

There are three new books from Pioneer Library:

Dramatic Stories of Jesus: Filling the Silent Places in the Gospels is (or was) one of the rarest books by Louis Albert Banks, now in print for the first time in 97 years.

The World’s Childhood is a book of sermons on Genesis 1 to 3 by Louis Albert Banks.

Benjamin Needler’s Expository Notes on Genesis 1 to 5 is a classic work from the Puritan era. Needler was an Anglican who was ejected from the Church of England in 1662 due to his views.

What’s Next

Joseph Parker’s monumental series of over 1100 expository sermons, The People’s Bible: Discourses upon Holy Scripture, has been completely re-typeset for a new edition. I ran into some hiccups in the design work, but it should be (re-)released sometime in 2022.

There are several more commentaries on Genesis that are in progress for publication, as I’m chipping away at creating my ultimate list of free Bible commentaries in the search for excellence and thoroughness in biblical studies. I’ve discovered a wealth of new favorites and I am thrilled to share both insights and the books themselves. A few of the books on Genesis that I’ve planned to put back into print are William Hunnis’ A Hyve Full of Hunnye (1584), Lancelot Andrewes’ (d. 1626) sermons on Genesis 1 to 4, and Gervase Babington’s Comfortable Notes upon Genesis and Exodus (1592).

The Branded Foot is an extremely rare novel by Archibald Forder. The story is about Lex, a young and idealistic Christian who gets stranded in the Arabian Peninsula. The plot is based on the author’s experience of rural Arab life; the story also likely includes a dramatisation of certain aspects of Forder’s missionary career that he could not share openly. I don’t have much taste for fiction, but I do look forward to sharing this one with the world.

There are (still!) a number of Louis Albert Banks’ books that will be going into publication in 2022. Among those planned for the future are The Motherhood of God, The Winds of God, The Honeycombs of Life, The Sinner and His Friends, and A Year’s Prayer-Meeting Talks. All of these are in progress and several are completely typeset and proofread; it is just a matter of finishing up the publication work. Banks fans, keep searching Amazon periodically, as there is always more on the docket.

The Blue Flame and other new releases

The new hardback edition of The Blue Flame is in stock and ready to ship for just $36. With only 120 copies left, you will want to order it now before it runs out. If you haven’t bought one of the Boreham Signature Collection through Kickstarter or pre-orders, you can now order here on! You can also join our F.W.B. mailing list for exclusive updates and discounts related to new hardback releases.

We also have a few copies of Ships of Pearl left. If you missed the Kickstarter, you can still order it here.

We have several new paperbacks and ebooks issued in the past month. Here are some of the new releases we’ve put out since 2021 started.

The Footsteps of Divine Providence

In 1695, August Francke, a professor of biblical languages in Prussia (now part of Germany), was asked to take in an orphan girl; but when he went to receive her into his home, she had brought three of her sisters!

I ventured, in the Name of God, to take them all four. . . .

The Footsteps of Divine Providence, p. 41

Believing that God was the “Father to the fatherless”, he took care to see that these girls were provided for, and not long after, took in others. Eventually, his small endeavor grew to house and educate two thousand poor children.

Francke was responsible for teaching (Count) Nicolaus Zinzendorf, starting in 1710, when Nicolaus was 10 years old. Count Zinzendorf and August Francke, with help from Frederick IV of Denmark, sent many of the first Protestant missionaries.

The Footsteps of Divine Providence by A. H. Francke (paperback)
The Footsteps of Divine Providence by A. H. Francke (ebook)

Ion Keith-Falconer: The Scholar-Missionary

Ion Keith-Falconer was a record-breaking cyclist and scholar of Semitic languages who chose to live in Sheikh Othman, Yemen, to bring knowledge of the Gospel to the people of Arabia. In his twenties, he used his family’s wealth to support a number of evangelistic endeavors. He died at just 31; as his legacy, his own money supported a successor in the mission field, and many others followed him to the mission field on hearing of his life story. If you are unfamiliar with his life, I recommend starting with one of his biographies, either McEvoy’s or Robson’s; if you want the fullest version of the story, read Sinker’s, which we have published as an ebook.

Ion Keith-Falconer: The Scholar-Missionary by C. McEvoy (paperback)
Ion Keith-Falconer: The Scholar-Missionary by C. McEvoy (ebook)

Consider the Lilies: The Parables of Lilias Trotter

Lilias Trotter, founder of the Algiers Mission Band, was a friend of John Ruskin and regarded as an up-and-coming artist when she left the United Kingdom for Algeria. She devoted her life to the people of North Africa. She also wrote a number of pamphlets and articles in English and Arabic.

Three of her pamphlets—Parables of the Cross, Parables of the Christ-Life, and Parables of Hope—used plants as modern “parables” for the work of Christ in the heart. These have been collected for the first time into compilation, preserving her own original illustrations.

Consider the Lilies: The Parables of Lilias Trotter by Lilias Trotter (ebook)

The Life of Bernard Gilpin

Bernard Gilpin was a minister who lived in the early days of the English Reformation. Most famously, Gilpin’s execution was ordered by Queen Mary, but she died after he was apprehended, and he lived another twenty years. He was regarded at that time as “The Apostle of the North” because of his labor on behalf of the people of north England. You can read more about him here.

The Life of Bernard Gilpin by George Carleton (ebook)

Coming Releases

Here is a list of some titles that we expect to release before 2021 is over:

The Great Themes of the Bible (Louis Albert Banks)
Christ and His Friends (Louis Albert Banks)
The Sinner and His Friends (Louis Albert Banks)
Thinking Black: 22 Years in the Long Grass of Africa (Dan Crawford)
Back to the Long Grass: My Life with Livingstone (Dan Crawford)

New Reprints from Louis Albert Banks

Pioneer Library recently put six books by Louis Albert Banks back into publication, in both print and digital platforms.

Louis Albert Banks is known for the creative illustrations that he used in his evangelistic sermons as well as his shorter talks (as in Unused Rainbows). His sermons are remarkable in both their quality and quantity.

Print (paperback):

  1. David and His Friends
  2. The Fisherman and His Friends
  3. John and His Friends
  4. The New Ten Commandments
  5. Paul and His Friends
  6. Unused Rainbows

Digital (Kindle Store):

  1. David and His Friends
  2. The Fisherman and His Friends
  3. John and His Friends
  4. The New Ten Commandments
  5. Paul and His Friends
  6. Unused Rainbows

Plans are in the works to put many more of his rare books back into print and to make them available in the Kindle Store. Follow us on our Facebook or WordPress page to get consistent updates!

Introducing the New Ships of Pearl

Our design team has put together a new, hardback edition of F. W. Boreham’s rarest book, Ships of Pearl. You can pre-order a copy for $40, or get both print and digital for $50, over at the Kickstarter page.

The book is not available anywhere else, and this offer will only last until April 1. Jump on board if you want to see Ships of Pearl back in print!

We’re Moving!

Well, sort of. It’s really just a “change of address.” As of today, we have obtained

If you’re puzzled by the name, “old dead guys” (or ODGs) is a motto used by Christians to celebrate the apostles, reformers, theologians, missionaries, pastors, and teachers—whether men or women, by the way—who have preserved for us something of their pioneer spirit in ink and manuscript. This motto is meant to ground us as pioneers on the firm footing of inherited wisdom.

We believe that adopting this new motto as our domain name (which will be live in just a few days) is a more memorable reflection of Pioneer Library’s twofold mission:

  1. to share forgotten treasures of Christian history, especially works with devotional and missional content;
  2. and, out of the richness of that inheritance, to share fresh and illuminating Bible studies for the church in mission.