Missionary Biographies

This page has links to all the missionary biographies we have published, along with links to book reviews for several of them.

Missionary Biographies

Amid Greenland Snows: The Early History of Arctic Missions by Jesse Page

Apostle to Islam: A Biography of Samuel M. Zwemer by J. Christy Wilson

Bishop Patteson: Martyr of Melanesia by Jesse Page

Candle in the Dark: The Story of Ion Keith-Falconer by Robert Sinker

Captain Allen Gardiner of Patagonia by Jesse Page
(Our Review: ★★★★)

The Cobra’s Den by Jacob Chamberlain

David Livingstone: Missionary & Discoverer by Jabez Marrat

George Augustus Selwyn by F. W. Boreham

The Gospel in Burma: The Judsons & Other Early Workers by Mrs. MacLeod Wylie

The Harvest of the Sea: A Tale of Both Sides of the Atlantic by Wilfred Grenfell

Heroic Bishop: The Life of Thomas V. French by Eugene Stock
(Our Review: ★★★★)

In Brigands’ Hands and Turkish Prisons by Archibald Forder

Into Arabia: 13 Years of Missionary Life among the Bedouin by Archibald Forder

James Calvert: From Dark to Dawn in Fiji by R. Vernon

Kamil Abdulmasih: A Syrian Preacher of the Gospel by Henry H. Jessup

Ludwig Krapf: Missionary Explorer of Northeast Africa by Paul E. Kretzmann

A Maker of New Japan: Joseph Hardy Neesima by J. D. Davis

The Parish of the Pines by Thomas Whittles

Two Kings of Uganda by R. P. Ashe

With the Tibetans in Tent & Temple by Susie Rijnhart



Famous Missionaries by James Gilchrist Lawson

Memoirs of British Female Missionaries by Thomas Timpson

Men of Might in India Missions by Helen H. Holcomb

Torchbearers in China by Basil Mathews, Arthur E. Southon