Take a moment to familiarize yourself with our favorite authors. We have reprinted (or digitized) works from all of these authors, and are actively seeking to keep their complete works in print, and available in digital formats.

Louis Albert Banks, pastor in various American cities, author of more than 60 books, known for his simple style and pithy illustrations.

Banks’ sermons are brief and inevitably rounded off by pointed anecdotes, told in plain and homespun American English. In addition to over 30 books of sermons, he filled 9 books with children’s sermons and another half-dozen with his surplus of sermon illustrations.

A Bibliography of Louis Albert Banks (Chronological)
A Bibliography of Louis Albert Banks (by Genre)
Free Books by Louis Albert Banks (50+)

F. W. Boreham, pastor in New Zealand & Australia, author of thousands of biographical articles and about a thousand devotional sermons.

Boreham’s unique blend of story and sermon made one of his compatriots say, “his books are on all our shelves, his name is on all our lips, and his illustrations are in all our sermons.” Sixteen of his books are in our catalogue and more are on the way.

Author Guide: F. W. Boreham
A Bibliography of F. W. Boreham (Chronological)
Free Books by F. W. Boreham (10+)

Oswald Chambers, chaplain to WWI soldiers in Egypt, author of numerous devotional books.

Chambers’ dense and thought-provoking style has made his book My Utmost for His Highest the best-selling devotional book of the 20th century.

G. K. Chesterton, journalist and lay theologian, wrote more than 80 works including novels, short stories, essays, poetry, plays, criticism and biography.

Known as “the Prince of Paradox,” Chesterton’s witty turn of phrase, his prolific output, and his dynamic thought processes make him beloved to a broad audience that crosses sectarian and national lines.

A Bibliography of G. K. Chesterton (by Genre)
Free Books by G. K. Chesterton (70+)

Herbert Lockyer, pastor in the UK and the USA, author of the All series.

Lockyer was an able Bible scholar who focused much of his career on producing thorough study helps for other students of Scripture. Pioneer Library has published seven of his many books.

A Bibliography of Herbert Lockyer, Sr. (A-Z)
A Bibliography of Herbert Lockyer (Chronological)
Who Is Herbert Lockyer?

George MacDonald, Scottish pastor and author.

MacDonald is best known today as C. S. Lewis’ spiritual predecessor—indeed both were theological mavericks; both had philosophical leanings; and both published multiple volumes each of poetry, fantasy, and spiritual nonfiction.

Author Guide: George MacDonald
Free Books by George MacDonald (60+)

Andrew Murray, pastor and author in South Africa.

Murray published over 200 works, but for him, it all started with shepherding the believers in a large rural area of South Africa. His works, including 45 books of sermons and daily devotionals, focus on humility and dependence on the Holy Spirit.

Author Guide: Andrew Murray
Free Books by Andrew Murray (40+)

Watchman Nee, leader of the persecuted church in mid-20th-century China.

Watchman Nee’s books come as a breath of fresh air to people who have only read American or European authors—they are simple in style, positive in tone, and broad in their outlook.

Free Books by Watchman Nee (COMPLETE)
Who Is Watchman Nee?

Joseph Parker, prolific author of The People’s Bible (26 volumes), pastor of City Temple, London.

Charles Spurgeon called his People’s Bible series “a work of genius.” Pioneer Library has put this valuable set of more than 1200 of his sermons back into publication.

Alexander Whyte called him “the ablest man now standing in the English-speaking pulpit,” and Joseph Cook dubbed him “the foremost preacher in Europe.”

A Bibliography of Joseph Parker (Chronological)
Free Books by Joseph Parker (60+)
Who Is Joseph Parker?

Alan Redpath, British evangelistic pastor.

Redpath coordinated evangelistic efforts with Billy Graham in the earlier parts of the Billy Graham Crusade. His sermons and Bible studies are straightforward and engaging.

A. W. Tozer, American pastor, author and editor.

Tozer’s no-nonsense writing brings us back to the roots of Christian life, focusing on a life of worship, holiness, and sincerity.

Free Books by A. W. Tozer (10+)

Samuel M. Zwemer, Dutch-American mobilizer of missions to Muslims, author of more than 30 books.

Zwemer’s co-worker called him a “steam engine in breeches” because he worked tirelessly on behalf of the unreached, publishing, organizing conferences, travelling, and evangelizing. We have published two of Zwemer’s books digitally, in addition to his biography, Apostle to Islam, and the biography of one of his co-workers, Kamil Abdulmasih.

A Bibliography of Samuel M. Zwemer (Chronological)
Free Books by Samuel M. Zwemer (30+)

In addition to the above authors, we have also reprinted and digitized works by:
John Bunyan
John Donne
F. W. Faber
Thomas Fuller
George Herbert
F. C. Jennings
James Gilchrist Lawson
G. Campbell Morgan
Robert Speer
Lilias Trotter
Isaac Watts
and many others.