Free books by Samuel M. Zwemer

Samuel M. Zwemer worked as a pioneer missionary in Iraq, Bahrain, and Egypt, but his most lasting influence was through his conferences and books. He worked tirelessly as a missions mobilizer to make Christians aware of the challenges and opportunities of missions among Muslims.

The following list links to free PDFs of Zwemer’s books from several sources, many of them prepared by the Zwemer Center or by

Across the World of Islam
Arabia: The Cradle of Islam (4th Edition)
Call to Prayer (site down)
Childhood in the Moslem World
The Cross Above the Crescent (site down)
Daylight in the Harem (with Annie van Sommer)
The Disintegration of Islam
Evangelism Today: Message Not Method
The Glory of the Cross  (Arabic Translation)
The Glory of the Manger
The Golden Milestone
Heirs of the Prophets
The Influence of Animism on Islam
Into All the World
Islam, A Challenge to Faith (2nd Edition) (German Translation)
Islam and Missions (editor & contributor)
The Law of Apostasy in Islam
Lucknow, 1911
The Mohammedan World of Today (with E. M. Wherry)
Mohammed or Christ. (Fleming H. Revell edition)
The Moslem Christ
The Moslem Doctrine of God
The Moslem World (revised for students from Islam, A Challenge to Faith)
A Moslem Seeker After God (Arabic Translation)
The Nearer and Farther East (with Arthur J. Brown)
Our Muslim Sisters (editor & contributor)
Raymond Lull: First Missionary to the Muslims (Spanish Translation)
The Solitary Throne
Sons of Adam: Studies of Old Testament Characters in New Testament Light
Taking Hold of God
Thinking Missions with Christ (3rd Edition)
Topsy-Turvy Land: Arabia Pictured for Children (with Amy E. Zwemer)
The Unoccupied Mission Fields of Africa and Asia
Zigzag Journeys in the Camel Country (with Amy E. Zwemer)

This list only includes full-length books. For an exhaustive list of Samuel M. Zwemer’s publications, see our bibliography for Samuel Zwemer.


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