The F. W. Boreham Reprint Series

We are in the process of rolling out a hardback alternative to the Reprint Series.

The F. W. Boreham Reprint Series was an attempt to reprint the works of F. W. Boreham in affordable and attractive softcovers. Unfortunately, Amazon has been rejecting my new submissions, and I have had to suspend this project after putting 17 of the 30 books back into print. Despite having all 30 books typeset and perfected, with full cover design and comprehensive copyright research, Amazon has offered no path forward. We not only have no control over Amazon’s mostly-automated decision process, we also have no process of appeals, and have only received form letters.

Below is a full list of the thirty volumes that were planned for this series, with links to those that are in print. (* Those with an asterisk include a newly compiled bibliography.)

The F. W. Boreham Reprint Series

  1. The Whisper of God (hardback available for pre-order!)
  2. The Luggage of Life*
  3. Mountains in the Mist*
  4. The Golden Milestone
  5. Mushrooms on the Moor*
  6. Faces in the Fire*
  7. The Other Side of the Hill*
  8. The Silver Shadow*
  9. The Uttermost Star*
  10. A Bunch of Everlastings
  11. A Reel of Rainbow*
  12. The Home of the Echoes
  13. A Handful of Stars*
  14. Shadows on the Wall*
  15. Rubble and Roseleaves
  16. A Casket of Cameos*
  17. Wisps of Wildfire*
  18. The Crystal Pointers
  19. A Tuft of Comet’s Hair* (
  20. The Nest of Spears (rejected by Amazon)
  21. The Fiery Crags
  22. A Temple of Topaz* (deleted by Amazon)
  23. The Three Half-Moons*
  24. The Blue Flame* (also in hardback!)
  25. When the Swans Fly High* (
  26. A Witch’s Brewing* (
  27. The Drums of Dawn* (
  28. The Ivory Spires* (deleted by Amazon)
  29. The Ships of Pearl (hardback sold out)
  30. The Passing of John Broadbanks (rejected by Amazon)