Pre-order The Whisper of God: Signature Edition

The Whisper of God: Signature Edition is now slated for a projected August 1 release, and you can pre-order it now for only $30! Like The Ships of Pearl and The Blue Flame, it will be a gorgeous cranberry cloth hardcover with a white dustjacket, replete with new notes explaining the author’s use of Scriptures, quotations, allusions, and dialect.


The Whisper of God: Signature Edition

Early bird (until June 10): $30 (no limits!) Pre-order special (June 11 to August 1): $35 After release: $40 Prices include $4.50 for shipping. Local pickup also available. If we receive less than 100 pre-orders by June 10, you will receive a full refund.


Though The Whisper of God is definitely a fan favorite, it has been among the hardest to obtain in hardback. The original 1902 edition of The Whisper of God may be F. W. Boreham’s rarest volume. Only one U.S. library (at Fuller Theological Seminary) holds a copy of that edition. Back in the 1990s, someone reproduced about a hundred or so facsimiles, at over $100 a piece, and they sold like hotcakes; I’ve only ever seen one. Our affordable paperback reprint has been very popular; so popular, in fact, that we’ve decided it deserves an upgrade.

To pre-order The Whisper of God: Signature Edition, use the PayPal button below. We need 100 pre-orders to be able to print the book, but if we don’t receive enough pre-orders, we will simply refund your money.

We’ve also discounted the price on The Blue Flame: Signature Edition by 25%, so if you act now, you can get two new F. W. Boreham hardcover books for $30 apiece.

Want to pick up your copy in San Antonio or College Station? Use our contact page to let us know, and we’ll send you a different pre-order link.

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