Bible Studies

These are brief study helps that summarize each Bible book’s main themes, with a few related materials mentioned at the end.

Genesis: The Beginning of Our Story

Exodus: God’s Extraction Mission

Leviticus: Be Holy For God Is Holy

Judges: The Calling of Leadership

Ruth: A Story of Redemption

1 Samuel: Fellowship with God

Ezra: A Story about Revival

Job: A Poem of Righteous Suffering

Psalms: The Believer’s Prayer Book

Ecclesiastes: A Book about Eternity

Ezekiel: A Prophecy of God’s Glory

Daniel: God’s Kingdom Is Supreme

Lamentations: A Guide out of Grief

Jonah: God’s Heart for the Nations

Micah: A Prophecy of God as Ruler

Habakkuk: A Story about Faith

Haggai: Work Is for Fellowship