Free Books by Joseph Parker (PDFs)

The following is an alphabetical list of publications by Joseph Parker, D.D., preacher of City Temple, London, with links to PDF copies where available.

Joseph Parker was one of the most prolific writers of the century. More than 60 volumes of his writings are hyperlinked below. About half a dozen others have not been digitized—the complete list is available here. Parker’s output is certainly comparable to that of his friend, Charles Spurgeon. Nearly all of these books are above 300 pages, and there is no way of guaranteeing that this is all that he published, since some of them are very rare.

Most of these books are out of print, but we have worked tirelessly to make his crowning work, The People’s Bible, widely available in digital format.

  1. Ad Clerum
  2. Apostolic Life, As Revealed in the Acts of the Apostles (also published as vol. 23-25 of The People’s Bible)
    vol 1: [Acts 1-12] From the Ascension of Christ to the Withdrawal of Peter;
    vol 2: [Acts 13-19];
    vol 3: [Acts 20-28].
  3. The Ark of God: The Transient Symbol of an Eternal Truth
  4. The Cavendish Hymnal, Compiled for Use in Homes and Churches. [Compiler.]
  5. The Chastening of Love: Words of Consolation for the Christian Mourner
  6. Christian Profiles in a Pagan Mirror
  7. Church Questions
  8. The City Temple: Sermons (also published individually as pamphlets)
  9. Ecce Deus: Essays on the Life and Doctrine of Jesus Christ
  10. Emmanuel
  11. Helps to Truth-Seekers
  12. Hidden Springs
  13. A Homiletic Analysis of the Gospel of Matthew
  14. The Inner Life of Christ as Revealed in the Gospel of Matthew
    vol 1: “These Sayings of Mine”;
    vol 2: “The Servant of All”;
    vol 3: “Things Concerning Himself.”
  15. Might Have Been: Some Life Notes
  16. None Like It: A Plea for the Old Sword
  17. The Paraclete: An Essay on the Personality and Ministry of the Holy Ghost
  18. Paterson’s Parish: A Lifetime amongst the Dissenters (fiction)
  19. The People’s Bible (27 volumes of sermons)
    vol 1: Genesis;
    vol 2: Exodus;
    vol 3: Leviticus to Numbers 26;
    vol 4: Numbers 27 to Deuteronomy;
    vol 5: Joshua to Judges 5;
    vol 6: Judges 6 to 1 Samuel 18;
    vol 7: 1 Samuel 18 to 1 Kings 13;
    vol 8: 1 Kings 15 to 1 Chronicles 9;
    vol 9: 1 Chronicles 10 to 2 Chronicles 20;
    vol 10: 2 Chronicles 21 to Esther;
    vol 11: Job;
    vol 12: Psalms;
    vol 13: Proverbs;
    vol 14: Ecclesiastes to Isaiah 26;
    vol 15: Isaiah 27 to Jeremiah 19;
    vol 16: Jeremiah 20 to Daniel;
    vol 17: Hosea to Malachi;
    vol 18: Matthew (The Inner Life of Christ vol. 1, “These Sayings of Mine”);
    vol 19: Matthew (The Inner Life of Christ vol. 2, “Servant of All”);
    vol 20: Matthew (The Inner Life of Christ vol. 3, “Things Concerning Himself”);
    vol 21: Mark and Luke;
    vol 22: John;
    vol 23: Acts [1-12] (Apostolic Life Revealed in the Acts of the Apostles, part 1);
    vol 24: Acts [13-19] (Apostolic Life Revealed in the Acts of the Apostles, part 2);
    vol 25: Acts [20-28] (Apostolic Life Revealed in the Acts of the Apostles, part 3);
    vol 26: Romans to Galatians;
    vol 27: Ephesians to Revelation.
  20. The People’s Family Prayer Book
  21. Preacher’s Life: An Autobiography and an Album
  22. The Priesthood of Christ: A Restatement of Vital Truth
  23. Pulpit Notes: With an Introductory Essay on the Preaching of Jesus Christ
  24. Six Chapters on Secularism
  25. Springdale Abbey: Extracts from the Diaries and Letters of an English Preacher (fiction)
  26. Studies in Texts (vol 1, vol 2, vol 3, vol 4, vol 5, vol 6) [full text is on Kindle]
  27. Today’s Bible
  28. Tyne Chylde: My Life and Teaching (fiction?)
  29. Tyne Folk: Masks, Faces, and Shadows (fiction?)
  30. Walden Stanyer, Boy and Man (fiction)
  31. Weaver Stephen: Odds and Evens in English Religion (fiction)
  32. Wednesday Evenings in Cavendish Chapel: Homiletic Hints
  33. Wilmot’s Child (fiction, under a pseudonym)
  34. The Working Church: An Argument for Liberality and Labour

In addition to the above, many of Parker’s sermons and speeches were published in pamphlets or small volumes:

  1. American War and American Slavery: A Speech
  2. Job’s Comforters: Scientific Sympathy
  3. Ingersoll Answered: “What Must I Do To Be Saved?”
  4. John Stuart Mill on Liberty: A Critique
  5. The Testimony of an Enemy: A Sermon to the Young
  6. A Word for the Present Crisis (search only)



  1. Detached Links: Extracts from the Writings and Discourses of Joseph Parker (compiled by Joseph Lucas)

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