A Bibliography of Louis Albert Banks (Chronological)

In addition to the list of free PDFs for books by Louis Albert Banks, I also compiled the same list chronologically. Banks published his first book, a volume of temperance discourses, around the age of 27, and was astonishingly prolific throughout his thirties and forties, publishing more than fifty books before his fiftieth birthday in 1905.

I’ve omitted from this list several booklets—only one is available online, and it’s a repeated chapter from a book here.

A Bibliography of Louis Albert Banks (by Genre)
Free Books by Louis Albert Banks (50+)

Books by Louis Albert Banks:

  1. Censor Echoes, Or Words that Burned (1882) [unavailable; extremely rare]
  2. The People’s Christ (Boston, 1891)
  3. White Slaves  [also on Gutenberg] (1892)
  4. The Revival Quiver: A Pastor’s Record of Four Revival Campaigns (1893) [unavailable; scarce]
  5. Anecdotes and Morals: A Volume of Illustrations from Current Life (1894) Cleveland
  6. Common Folks’ Religion (Boston,. 1894) [view only]
  7. The Honeycombs of Life: A Volume of Sermons and Addresses (New York, 1895)
  8. The Saloon-Keeper’s Ledger (1895)
  9. Heavenly Trade-Winds (1895)
  10. Christ and His Friends: A Series of Revival Sermons (1895)
  11. The Christ Dream (1896)
  12. Paul and His Friends: A Series of Revival Sermons (1896)
  13. The Saloon-Keeper’s Ledger (1896)
  14. Seven Times around Jericho: A Series of Temperance Revival Discourses (1896) [microfilm]
  15. The Fisherman and His Friends: A Series of Revival Sermons (1897)
  16. Hero Tales from Sacred Story (1897) [unavailable]
  17. The Christ Brotherhood: Heroic Personalities (1897) [US-access]
  18. Sermon Stories for Boys and Girls (1897)
  19. The Unexpected Christ (1898)
  20. Immortal Hymns and Their Story (Cleveland, 1898)
  21. An Oregon Boyhood (1898)
    [Live Boys in Oregon = alternate title of An Oregon Boyhood]
  22. Heroic Personalities (1898)
  23. The Christian Gentleman: A Series of Addresses to Young Men (Cleveland, 1898) [Google Books]
  24. Immortal Songs of Camp and Field: The Story of Their Inspiration Together with Striking Anecdotes Connected with Their History (1899/1898?) [also on Gutenberg]
  25. The Great Sinners of the Bible (New York, 1899)
  26. A Year’s Prayer Meeting Talks (New York, 1899)
  27. John and His Friends (Cleveland, 1899)
  28. My Young Man: A Series of Addresses to Young Men (1899) Cleveland)
  29. Chats with Young Christians (1899) [unavailable]
  30. Twentieth-Century Knighthood: A Series of Addresses to Young Men (1900)
  31. David and His Friends (New York, 1900)
  32. The Lord’s Arrows (1900) [unavailable; scarce]
  33. Fresh Bait for Fishers of Men (Cleveland, 1900)
  34. Poetry and Morals (New York, 1900)
  35. A Manly Boy: A Series of Talks and Tales for Boys (1900) [microfilm]
  36. Hidden Wells of Comfort (1901) [limited access]
  37. The Great Saints of the Bible (1901) [US-only]
  38. Unused Rainbows (Chicago, 1901)
  39. The Motherhood of God (1901)
  40. The King’s Stewards (New York, 1902)
  41. Youth of Famous Americans (1902)
  42. The Healing of Souls (1902)
  43. The Story of the Hall of Fame (1902)
  44. T. DeWitt Talmage: His Life and Work (1902)
  45. Windows for Sermons: A Study of the Art of Sermonic Illustration (1902)
  46. The Great Portraits of the Bible (1903)
  47. Soul-Winning Stories (1903)
  48. Great Archers and Their Weapons and Fresh Arrows from Many Quivers: A Study of Illustrative Powers of Pulpit Orators (1903)
  49. The Lincoln Legion: The Story of Its Founder and Forerunners (1903)
  50. On the Trail of Moses: A Series of Revival Sermons (1903)
  51. Thirty-one Revival Sermons (1904) [rare; unavailable]
  52. The Religious Life of Famous Americans (1904)
  53. The Great Promises of the Bible (1905)
  54. The Sinner and His Friends: A Volume of Evangelistic Sermons (1907) [US-only] Denver
  55. Sermons Which Have Won Souls (1908) Denver
  56. The Problems of Youth: A Series of Discourses for Young People on Themes from the Book of Proverbs (1909)
  57. The World’s Childhood (1910)
  58. The Great Themes of the Bible (1911)
  59. A Summer in Peter’s Garden (1913) [extremely scarce; no copies for sale or in library catalogues]
  60. Ammunition for Final Drive on Booze (1917)
  61. The Winds of God (1920)
  62. The New Ten Commandments (1922)
  63. Wonderful Bible Conversions (1923)
  64. Bible Soul Winners (1924) [US only]
  65. Dramatic Stories of Jesus (1924) [rare; unavailable]
  66. Christ’s Soul-Searching Parables: Evangelistic Sermons on the Parables of Jesus (1925) [search only]
  67. Sermons for Reviving, on the Table Talk of the Master (1928) [rare; unavailable]

Books compiled or translated by Louis Albert Banks:

  1. The Parables of Jesus: A Methodical Exposition (1883; tr. by Louis Albert Banks)
  2. The Child’s World [scarce; c. 1902]
  3. Capital Stories about Famous Americans (1905; ed. by Louis Albert Banks)
  4. Spurgeon’s Illustrative Anecdotes (1906)

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