New Books—and What’s Next (January 2022)

What’s New

There are three new books from Pioneer Library:

Dramatic Stories of Jesus: Filling the Silent Places in the Gospels is (or was) one of the rarest books by Louis Albert Banks, now in print for the first time in 97 years.

The World’s Childhood is a book of sermons on Genesis 1 to 3 by Louis Albert Banks.

Benjamin Needler’s Expository Notes on Genesis 1 to 5 is a classic work from the Puritan era. Needler was an Anglican who was ejected from the Church of England in 1662 due to his views.

What’s Next

Joseph Parker’s monumental series of over 1100 expository sermons, The People’s Bible: Discourses upon Holy Scripture, has been completely re-typeset for a new edition. I ran into some hiccups in the design work, but it should be (re-)released sometime in 2022.

There are several more commentaries on Genesis that are in progress for publication, as I’m chipping away at creating my ultimate list of free Bible commentaries in the search for excellence and thoroughness in biblical studies. I’ve discovered a wealth of new favorites and I am thrilled to share both insights and the books themselves. A few of the books on Genesis that I’ve planned to put back into print are William Hunnis’ A Hyve Full of Hunnye (1584), Lancelot Andrewes’ (d. 1626) sermons on Genesis 1 to 4, and Gervase Babington’s Comfortable Notes upon Genesis and Exodus (1592).

The Branded Foot is an extremely rare novel by Archibald Forder. The story is about Lex, a young and idealistic Christian who gets stranded in the Arabian Peninsula. The plot is based on the author’s experience of rural Arab life; the story also likely includes a dramatisation of certain aspects of Forder’s missionary career that he could not share openly. I don’t have much taste for fiction, but I do look forward to sharing this one with the world.

There are (still!) a number of Louis Albert Banks’ books that will be going into publication in 2022. Among those planned for the future are The Motherhood of God, The Winds of God, The Honeycombs of Life, The Sinner and His Friends, and A Year’s Prayer-Meeting Talks. All of these are in progress and several are completely typeset and proofread; it is just a matter of finishing up the publication work. Banks fans, keep searching Amazon periodically, as there is always more on the docket.

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