We’re Moving!

Well, sort of. It’s really just a “change of address.” As of today, we have obtained olddeadguys.com.

If you’re puzzled by the name, “old dead guys” (or ODGs) is a motto used by Christians to celebrate the apostles, reformers, theologians, missionaries, pastors, and teachers—whether men or women, by the way—who have preserved for us something of their pioneer spirit in ink and manuscript. This motto is meant to ground us as pioneers on the firm footing of inherited wisdom.

We believe that adopting this new motto as our domain name (which will be live in just a few days) is a more memorable reflection of Pioneer Library’s twofold mission:

  1. to share forgotten treasures of Christian history, especially works with devotional and missional content;
  2. and, out of the richness of that inheritance, to share fresh and illuminating Bible studies for the church in mission.


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