New Boreham Reprints

After numerous delays, several Boreham titles are returning to print this month (May 2022), and they will all be for sale for $15 (shipping included) on eBay soon. These include:

Also, there are a number of other titles forthcoming:

  • The Home of the Echoes
  • Rubble and Roseleaves
  • The Crystal Pointers
  • The Nest of Spears
  • The Fiery Crags
  • A Temple of Topaz
  • The Ivory Spires
  • The Passing of John Broadbanks
  • A Faggot of Torches

The proofreading is complete for all of these books, but the delays have to do with issues with Amazon’s publishing platform. I am in the process of shifting my main store from Amazon to eBay. Amazon is taking a larger cut, so you will see prices rising on Amazon, but most or all will be available on eBay for only $15 (shipping included).

Unfortunately, Amazon’s Content Review has become very unpredictable, so that I won’t be adding any new Kindle editions, and the new Borehams going up will be distributed by, not Amazon. It is too much of a liability to create a wonderful ebook without knowing if Amazon will reject it.

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