The Blue Flame and other new releases

The new hardback edition of The Blue Flame is in stock and ready to ship for just $36. With only 120 copies left, you will want to order it now before it runs out. If you haven’t bought one of the Boreham Signature Collection through Kickstarter or pre-orders, you can now order here on! You can also join our F.W.B. mailing list for exclusive updates and discounts related to new hardback releases.

We also have a few copies of Ships of Pearl left. If you missed the Kickstarter, you can still order it here.

We have several new paperbacks and ebooks issued in the past month. Here are some of the new releases we’ve put out since 2021 started.

The Footsteps of Divine Providence

In 1695, August Francke, a professor of biblical languages in Prussia (now part of Germany), was asked to take in an orphan girl; but when he went to receive her into his home, she had brought three of her sisters!

I ventured, in the Name of God, to take them all four. . . .

The Footsteps of Divine Providence, p. 41

Believing that God was the “Father to the fatherless”, he took care to see that these girls were provided for, and not long after, took in others. Eventually, his small endeavor grew to house and educate two thousand poor children.

Francke was responsible for teaching (Count) Nicolaus Zinzendorf, starting in 1710, when Nicolaus was 10 years old. Count Zinzendorf and August Francke, with help from Frederick IV of Denmark, sent many of the first Protestant missionaries.

The Footsteps of Divine Providence by A. H. Francke (paperback)
The Footsteps of Divine Providence by A. H. Francke (ebook)

Ion Keith-Falconer: The Scholar-Missionary

Ion Keith-Falconer was a record-breaking cyclist and scholar of Semitic languages who chose to live in Sheikh Othman, Yemen, to bring knowledge of the Gospel to the people of Arabia. In his twenties, he used his family’s wealth to support a number of evangelistic endeavors. He died at just 31; as his legacy, his own money supported a successor in the mission field, and many others followed him to the mission field on hearing of his life story. If you are unfamiliar with his life, I recommend starting with one of his biographies, either McEvoy’s or Robson’s; if you want the fullest version of the story, read Sinker’s, which we have published as an ebook.

Ion Keith-Falconer: The Scholar-Missionary by C. McEvoy (paperback)
Ion Keith-Falconer: The Scholar-Missionary by C. McEvoy (ebook)

Consider the Lilies: The Parables of Lilias Trotter

Lilias Trotter, founder of the Algiers Mission Band, was a friend of John Ruskin and regarded as an up-and-coming artist when she left the United Kingdom for Algeria. She devoted her life to the people of North Africa. She also wrote a number of pamphlets and articles in English and Arabic.

Three of her pamphlets—Parables of the Cross, Parables of the Christ-Life, and Parables of Hope—used plants as modern “parables” for the work of Christ in the heart. These have been collected for the first time into compilation, preserving her own original illustrations.

Consider the Lilies: The Parables of Lilias Trotter by Lilias Trotter (ebook)

The Life of Bernard Gilpin

Bernard Gilpin was a minister who lived in the early days of the English Reformation. Most famously, Gilpin’s execution was ordered by Queen Mary, but she died after he was apprehended, and he lived another twenty years. He was regarded at that time as “The Apostle of the North” because of his labor on behalf of the people of north England. You can read more about him here.

The Life of Bernard Gilpin by George Carleton (ebook)

Coming Releases

Here is a list of some titles that we expect to release before 2021 is over:

The Great Themes of the Bible (Louis Albert Banks)
Christ and His Friends (Louis Albert Banks)
The Sinner and His Friends (Louis Albert Banks)
Thinking Black: 22 Years in the Long Grass of Africa (Dan Crawford)
Back to the Long Grass: My Life with Livingstone (Dan Crawford)

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