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Free Books by G. D. Watson

G. D. (George Douglas) Watson (1845–1924) was a holiness preacher in the eastern United States. He was raised in a Methodist home, and called to preach at a tender age.

I was born in Accomac County, Virginia, March 26, 1845. My father and mother, grandfather and grandmother, were Methodists. I was raised up in family prayer, attended Sabbath-school and went through many revivals of religion. I suppose I was the black sheep of the flock; the worst boy of the whole six. . . . My earliest convictions were when I was five or six years old. Father and Mother went to church and left us children alone, the eldest being twelve or thirteen years of age. We sang “Rock of Ages,” and all got under conviction. I prayed and cried, but did not know what ailed me. At that early, age I was called to preach. When I was twelve or thirteen I sought religion, and after that was at the altar at every revival . . .

Autobiography of G. D. Watson

Watson’s books often deal with holiness, sanctification, and the inner work of the Holy Spirit. Our Own God and Soul Food come highly recommended. Of 18 books, 14 are freely available online; two more are in paperback; only two (The Divine Love Song and A Holiness Manual) are not available anywhere (though I’ve added links to WorldCat.org, where you can see which libraries hold copies).

  1. The Bridehood Saints: Treating of the Saints Who Are the “Selection from the Selection”—Those Saints Who Are to Make Up the Bride of Christ (1910?)
  2. Coals of Fire: Being Expositions of Scripture on the Doctrine, Experience, and Practice of Christian Holiness (1886)
  3. The Divine Love Song: An Exposition of the Song of Solomon (1909) [out of print; not available online]
  4. God’s Eagles: or, Complete Testing of the Saints (1927) [posthumous? not available online; only available in ppb]
  5. God’s First Words: Studies in Genesis, Historic, Prophetic, and Experimental (1900) [not available online; available in ppb]
  6. A Holiness Manual (1882) [out of print; not available online]
  7. The Heavenly Life and Type of the Holy Spirit (1900?)
  8. Love Abounding, and Other Expositions on the Spiritual Life (1891) [ppb]
  9. Our Own God (1904) [ppb]
  10. A Pot of Oil; or, The Anointed Life as Applied to Prayer, the Mental Faculties, the Affections and Christian Service (1900) [ppb]
  11. Pure Gold (1898) [ppb]
  12. The Secret of Spiritual Power [HTML format; n.d.]
  13. The Seven Overcomeths and Other Expositions from the Revelation (1889; US access only?)
  14. Soul Food: Being Chapters on the Interior Life with Passages of Personal Experience (1896) [ppb]
  15. Spiritual Feasts (1904)
  16. Spiritual Ships: An Allegory of Religious Characters and Experiences (1902)
  17. Steps to the Throne (1898)
    [Tribulation Worketh = compilation from other works]
  18. White Robes; or, Garments of Salvation (1883) [ppb]

There are a few other works that appear to be single sermons or pamphlets (here links are to WorldCat.org), which were possibly incorporated into later books:

  1. Fruit of Canaan: Notes of Personal Experiences (57 pages)
  2. Out of Egypt into Canaan: Experiences of Geo. D. Watson (21 pages)