The F. W. Boreham Reprint Series

The biggest project we have underway right now at Pioneer Library is the F. W. Boreham Reprint Series. This will be a matching thirty-volume set of the devotional works of F. W. Boreham. The full set will come in matte paperback in a color-alternating pattern between red, green, and blue, with each volume numbered on the back. These are not machine-copied facsimiles; every book is attractively typeset by hand and professionally proofread with tender loving care.

Below is a full list of the thirty volumes that are currently in the works, with links to those that are in print. (* Those with an asterisk include a newly compiled bibliography.)

The F. W. Boreham Reprint Series

  1. The Whisper of God
  2. The Luggage of Life*
  3. Mountains in the Mist*
  4. The Golden Milestone
  5. Mushrooms on the Moor*
  6. Faces in the Fire*
  7. The Other Side of the Hill*
  8. The Silver Shadow*
  9. The Uttermost Star*
  10. A Bunch of Everlastings
  11. A Reel of Rainbow*
  12. The Home of the Echoes
  13. A Handful of Stars*
  14. Shadows on the Wall*
  15. Rubble and Roseleaves
  16. A Casket of Cameos
  17. Wisps of Wildfire*
  18. The Crystal Pointers
  19. A Tuft of Comet’s Hair
  20. The Nest of Spears
  21. The Fiery Crags
  22. A Temple of Topaz*
  23. The Three Half-Moons*
  24. The Blue Flame*
  25. When the Swans Fly High
  26. A Witch’s Brewing
  27. The Drums of Dawn*
  28. The Ivory Spires*
  29. The Ships of Pearl
  30. The Passing of John Broadbanks