Man-Centered Leadership and God-Centered Leadership (Notes)

I'm sharing here a few sermon notes that I took this week. May they bless someone.

There are four types of attitudes that are characteristic of unhealthy of human-centered leadership:

  • Manipulative spirit
    Manipulative leaders try to make disciples like them instead of disciples like Jesus. “Any manipulative leadership is from Satan.”
  • Controlling spirit
    Controlling leadership is leadership that is harsh and cruel and does not allow opinions that they disagree with.
  • Political spirit
    A political spirit means you’d rather have a church with a thousand people with everything tidy and manageable than a hundred people where the Holy Spirit shows up” and interrupts.
  • Religious spirit
    A religious spirit means overcomplicating spiritual life with lots of meetings and hierarchies, rather than making church a space where Jesus is celebrated as Lord.

Healthy Christian leadership means:

  • Affirming people’s call from God (not manipulating them to fit your agenda)
  • Freeing people to minister (not controlling their devotional lives)
  • Truth-telling to a fault (not spinning narratives to keep people around)
  • Spiritual (not religious or concerned with the church’s image)

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