Ships of Pearl: Funding Update & SAMPLE PAGES

If you are following our journey to keep F. W. Boreham in print, you know we have designed a brand new hardback edition of Ships of Pearl. We are currently 19% funded on this project. We believe Boreham’s books are a gold mine of insight and illustrations for Bible teachers and small group leaders, and Ships of Pearl is one of the best.

Let me walk you through what is different about this new edition:

  • It will be the first print run of Ships of Pearl since 1935—that’s 85 years! We hope that 2020 marks a new era of bringing F. W. Boreham’s classic devotional reading to a new generation.
  • Ships of Pearl: The Signature Edition will be bound in a cranberry linen cloth hardcover, with Boreham’s unique signature embossed into the cloth in gold lettering.
  • The new edition has over 100 footnotes explaining Boreham’s sources. Aside from merely noting what Boreham was quoting from, these footnotes bring a new depth of insight about his stories and the author himself. Below are some sample pages, showing the kind of footnotes we have added to the essay called “My Autobiography”:



And now, let’s take a look at what is the same between the 2020 edition and the 1935 edition:

  • We have kept all the original wording and punctuation, including British spelling and dialogue in various English dialects. Occasional footnotes help make Boreham’s original writings accessible to modern and American audiences.
  • For years we have imitated the font and layout of Boreham’s classic books. In fact, we have matched the fonts so closely that in some of our books the page numbers in the table of contents are nearly identical between editions.
  • The paper used will be a thick 60-weight in a natural or “cream” color rather than stark white. This is easier on the eyes, and will give the pages a warm and vintage feel.

If this edition succeeds, it will kickstart us towards getting more hardback Boreham in circulation. Please consider supporting this important project as we seek to provide quality biblical and theological resources to new generations or readers and seekers.

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