New Missionary Biographies!

We’ve uploaded several new missionary biographies, including three about the founder of the CMA’s Bedouin Mission in present-day Jordan.

Jacob Chamberlain wrote The Cobra’s Den, an account of his experiences among the Telugu people of southern India. Chamberlain lived for thirty-seven years there. When he arrived, he was not only the first missionary, but the first white person to visit the area.

Amid Greenland Snows by Jesse Page tells the early history of missions in Greenland, focusing on the work of Danish missionary Hans Egede, who not only preceded William Carey, but preceded the Moravian Brethren as a Protestant missionary. He studied the Eskimo language and spent more than a decade among those people.

Johann Ludwig Krapf spent a number of years in preparation in the Basel Mission Institute. He studied European languages and labored as a linguist and missionary in diverse areas of East Africa, including the present-day nations of Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania.

A. C. Forder worked among the bedouin Arabs of southern Jordan and Palestine, what he knew as “Moab and Edom.” I recommend starting with his book, With Arabs in Tent and Town.

Can’t decide? Our best-selling biography is Apostle to Islam: A Biography of Samuel M. Zwemer. Samuel Zwemer had an untold impact in inciting Christians to consider missions in the Islamic world. If you’re interested in missions to Muslims, this book is the place to start.

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