Free Commentaries on Numbers – Quick Links (Ultimate List of Free Bible Commentaries)

Gray | Guyon | Howard (Num Deut)| Jones [Preacher’s Homiletical Commentary] | Winterbotham [“Pulpit Commentary”]


Ainsworth | Blunt | “Chizkuni” (Rabbi Hezekiah ben Manoah) | A. Jackson |Kalisch | Kenrick | Kidder | Morison | “Ramban” (Rabbi Moses ben Nahman) | “Sforno” (Ovadiah ben Ya’akov Seforno) | A. Wright |


Hogg | Thornton?


German: Knobel

To borrow

Greenstone | Levine (1–20) [“Anchor Bible”]

I've searched IA and GB quite well. There are very few stand-alone commentaries on the Book of Numbers. Still looking for: A. B. Simpson's Christ in the Pentateuch.

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